Fan & Audience Studies Panels and Papers, SCMS18

We’ve got yet another year of strong fan and audience studies representation at SCMS 2018, beginning on the first day of the conference and following all the way to the end. Since I threw this together last night, I may have missed something; if you’d like to be included in this listing, please just let me know and I’ll update accordingly!

A: Wednesday March 14 | 9-10:45 AM

A1     Mediating Fan Labor
Chair: Annemarie Navar-Gill, University of Michigan

  • Li Cornfeld, Amherst College, “Sexy Work: Booth Babes as Media Labor”
  • Anne Gilbert, University of Georgia, “Being there?: Liveness and Mediation at San Diego Comic-Con”
  • Annemarie Navar-Gill, University of Michigan, “‘No One Wants to Be the Next 100’:  Social Media and the Puncturing of Hollywood’s (Un)Progressive Bubble”
  • Margaret Steinhauer, University of Texas at Austin, “#Save: Reality Competition Programming & Twitter Integration on Broadcast Television”

A8     Jing Jamie Zhao, University of Warwick, “A Queer Talk Show for the Straight Audience?: TransEye for a Cosmopolitan China in The Jinxing Show

A24   Steven Greenwood, McGill University, “Finding a Place for Us in Disney Films: Queer Fans, Disney, and the Broadway Musical”

B: Wednesday March 14 | 11-12:45 pm

B4     The Politics and Culture of Media Online
Chair: Raven Maragh, University of Iowa

  • Raven Maragh, University of Iowa, “Toward a Raced Connective Media: Black Resistance Strategies and the Logics of Social Media”
  • Mattias Frey, University of Kent, “Video on Demand, Curation, and the End of the Long Tail: The Case of MUBI”
  • Jaap Verheul, New York University,   “The MultiCulti Farce: Film Policy and Cultural Diversity in Dutch Popular Cinema”
  • Amanda Landa, Independent Scholar, “Death Note and Netflix: Adaptation and Audience Pitfalls”

B10   Intersections: Japanese Media Fan Cultures Through a Fan Studies Lens
Chair: Lori Morimoto, Independent Scholar
Respondent: Douglas Schules, Rikkyo University   

  • Kathryn Hemmann, George Mason University, “The Next Big Thing: Charting Fan Cultures, Social Media, and the Content Industry in Japan”
  • Lori Morimoto, Independent Scholar, “Yuri!! On (Thin) Ice: Convergence and Conflict in Transcultural Media Fandom”
  • Miranda Larsen, University of Tokyo, “’Oppa Fighting!’: Discursive Engagement of Japanese Fans with K-pop Idols’ Military Service”

B23   Advertising and the Measuring of Audiences
Chair: Kathryn Frank, Young Harris College

  • Kathryn Frank, Young Harris College, “Direct Markets, Indirect Metrics, and Audience Assumptions: Comics Industry Sales Data and Competing Visions of Success”
  • Matthew Ogonoski, Concordia University, “Gene Kelly Sells Gene Kelly, or ‘Dignity, always dignity’: Gene Kelly as spokesperson for RCA’s Failed VideoDisc Project.”
  • Jennifer Hessler, University of California, Santa Barbara, “From Audimeter To Big Data: Early TV Ratings Technologies and the Mechanization/Domestication of Consumer Surveillance”
  • JJ Bersch, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “’We’re Not Doing the Ads in the Ads’: On Hollywood Handbook’s Irreverent Integrated Advertising”

B25   Sandra Waters, University of Arkansas, “Who’s Watching You?: Surveillance, Narrative, and Spectatorship in Recent American Horror Films”

C: Wednesday, March 14 | 1-2:45 pm

C20   Filmgoing Communities and Alternate Modes of Film Reception in North America: Community, Social Capital, and Labour
Chair:  Salah Hassanpour, York University

  • Patrick Dolan, York University, “Video Home Subculture: Subcultural Capital and Labour in VHS Horror Collecting”
  • Donna de Ville, Dalhousie University, “Independent Programmers and the DIY Business of Microcinema”
  • Salah Hassanpour, York University, “The 1995 Famous Players Projectionist Lockout in Alberta and the Rise and Fall of the Modern Multiplex in Canada”’

D: Wednesday, March 14 | 3-4:45 pm

D5    Xiqing Zheng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, “Your Name: Makoto Shinkai’s Bodily Metaphor for Empathy in Otaku Community”

E: Wednesday, March 14 | 5-6:45 pm

E4     Josh Stenger, Wheaton College (Massachusetts), “Do Second Screens Make Second
Audiences?: Thoughts on Social Television, Big Data, and Fan Engagement”

F: Thursday, March 15 | 10-11:45 am

F2     Dru Jeffries, Wilfrid Laurier University, “The Unbearable Whiteness of Iron Fist: Racebending Discourse and Fandom’s Fidelity”

F8     Bodies in Spaces: Physical Media Consumption
Chair: Tupur Chatterjee, University of Texas at Austin

  • Tupur Chatterjee, University of Texas at Austin, “Architectures of Happiness: Designing the ‘Malltiplex’ in India”
  • Chenshu Zhou, Stanford University, “Moviegoing as ‘Torture’: Embodied Film Spectatorship in Maoist China”
  • Nikhil Thomas Titus, University of Pittsburgh, “Hi-tech, Low Culture: The Precarious and Piratical Sites of Migrant Film Viewing in Mumbai”
  • Edmond Ernest dit Alban, Concordia University, “Japanese Media Mix and the Birth of Fan Sanctuaries: Walking as Filling the Gap in between Moving Images”

F22   Fan Labor and Participation: Histories, Spaces, and Genres
Chair: Erin Hanna, University of Oregon    

  • Erin Hanna, University of Oregon, “Double Fans and Industry Alter Egos: Aspirational Labor and the Capitalist Spirit of Early Comics Fandom”
  • Phillipp Dominik Keidl, Concordia University, “Localizing Media Fandom: Fan-induced Tourism and the Museum”
  • Jeremy Moore, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Constructing the Survivor Archive: Historicizing Reality Television Through Surplus Audience Labor”
  • Itay Harlap, Sapir Academic College, and Ariel Avisar, Tel Aviv University, “‘The Death of the Author will be Televised’: Televisual Metaphors of the Contemporary Creator-Audience Relationship”

G: Thursday, March 15 | 12-1:45 pm

G16 Sreya Mitra, American University of Sharjah, “From Rasika to Rowdy to Troll: Tracing the Evolution of the Bollywood Fan in Millennial India”

G25 Data Analytics and New Audience Imaginaries
Chair: Evan Elkins, Colorado State University
Respondent: Aswin Punathambekar, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

  • Evan Elkins, Colorado State University, “From Cultural Proximity to Transnational ‘Taste Communities’: How Netflix Understands its Global Audience”
  • Elena Maris, University of Pennsylvania, and Nancy Baym, Microsoft Research, “Fandoms, Metrics, and the Market Power of Measurement”
  • Andrew Zolides, Xavier University, “Controlling the Conversation: Measuring Social Media Engagement During the 2016 Campaign”

I: Thursday, March 15 | 4-5:45 pm

I4      Mediation and Identity in Online Communities
Chair: Jane Glaubman, Cornell University

  • Jane Glaubman, Cornell University, “On the Slab Runes Were Deeply Graven: Recursion, Film, Tolkien, and Tumblr”
  • Kyle Moody, Fitchburg State University, “Bigger Than Gods: The Production of a Culture of Myth-making in Popular Music through Social Media”
  • Mike Van Esler, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, “‘These Weird Little Treasures’: Themes of Social Sustenance and Practice in Private Filesharing Communities”
  • Olympia Kiriakou, King’s College London, “‘Now You Can be Part of the Disney Magic in a Whole New Way!’: Big Name Fandom and the (Inevitable) Failure of Disflix”

I16    Shan Mu Zhao, University of Southern California, “Adapting the Sidekick: Reworking The Green Hornet in Hong Kong”

I17    Watching/Listening in the Streaming Era: Media Industries, Aesthetics, and Audiences
Chair: Barbara Klinger, Indiana University

  • Marc Steinberg, Concordia University, “Streaming Contents, Streaming Comments: Niconico Video and the Paid Subscription Model”
  • Neil Verma, Northwestern University, “Speaking to You Wherever You Are: Streaming, Podcasting, and Audible’s House Sound”
  • Tanya Horeck, Anglia Ruskin University, “‘Welcome to Your Tape’: The Relationship between Binge-Watching and Violence in 13 Reasons Why
  • Sue Turnbull, University of Wollongong, “’Getting Your Fan Base In’: Web Series and the Value of the Online Audience

I22    Ageing Texts / Ageing Audiences: Memory, Adaptation, and Revival
Chair: Richard McCulloch, University of Huddersfield
Co-Chair: Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore, Birmingham City University

  • Hazel Collie, Birmingham City University, “‘My Time’: Ageing
    Television Audiences, Generation, and Memory”
  • Line Nybro Petersen, University of Southern Denmark, “Growing Older with Lorelai and Rory: The Role of Gilmore Girls for Fans in a Life Course Perspective”
  • Jenni Lehtinen, Nazarbayev University, “Rejuvenating the Canon: 21st-Century Adaptation, Online Audiences, and the Metamorphosis of Doña Bárbara
  • Richard McCulloch, University of Huddersfield, and Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore, Birmingham City University, “Bringing Brent Back: Affective Continuities, Transmedia Audiences, and the Unfolding Celebrity Text”

J: Friday, March 16 | 11:15 am-1:00 pm

J9      Postwar Japanese Cinema as a Social Medium: Active Participation and the Democratization of Viewership
Chair: Rea Amit, Illinois College

  • Rea Amit, Illinois College, “The Emancipated Friends of the Studio: Tōei’s Network of Activists, Gamers, and Analog Bloggers”
  • Jennifer Coates, Kyoto University, “Locating the Casual Viewers of Postwar Japanese Cinema”
  • Lauri Kitsnik, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, “Beside and Beyond the Silver Screen: Film Journals and Scriptreaders in 1950s Japan”
  • Chika Kinoshita, Kyoto University, “The Other Sphere: 1956-1958, Female Audience, and the Prostitution-prevention Law”

J12    Fans as Cultural Intermediaries
Chair: Sarah Florini, Arizona State University

  • Sarah Florini, Arizona State University, “Dem Thrones, Y’all: Game of Thrones, Podcast Recaps, and Culturally Resonant Fan Practices”
  • Lauren Savit, Indiana University, “Friendlings, Gillies, and Bartlet’s Army: Episodic TV Podcasts as Emergent Sites for TV Fandom”
  • Joceline Andersen, University of British Columbia, “List Videos: YouTube, Cult Viewing, and the Fan-driven Future of Film History”
  • Amanda Halprin, University of Texas at Austin, “I Don’t Speak Korean: How US English-language Audiences Interpret Cultural and Linguistic References in Korean Dramas”

K: Friday, March 16 | 1:15-3 pm

K8     Mapping Audiences: The Use of Cartography in Fan and Audience Studies
Chair: Marta Boni, University of Montreal

  • Jeffrey Klenotic, University of New Hampshire, “Mapping Local Histories in Global Contexts: GIS and the Prospects for Cinema History from Below”
  • Marta Boni, University of Montreal, “This Is How It Looks from Here: Geolocalizing Traces of Reception”
  • Daniela Treveri-Gennari, Oxford Brookes University, “Cinematic Cartography: Geovisualizations of Postwar Cinema-going Experiences and Their Challenges”
  • Giuseppe Fidotta, Concordia University, Montreal, “Let’s Map Them All: New Populist Cartography for Media Studies”

M: Saturday, March 17 | 9-10:45 am

M4    Defining “Appropriate Fandom”
Chair: Mark Stewart, University of Amsterdam,

  • Mel Stanfill, University of Central Florida, “Branding and Corralling: Media Industry Approaches to Audiences”
  • Suzanne Scott, University of Texas at Austin, “Rethinking ‘Fan Investment’: Legion M and the Future of Fanancing”
  • Bertha Chin, Swinburne University of Technology, “Media Power, Ontological Security, and the Auteur Fanboy: Joss Whedon’s Fall from Grace”
  • Mark Stewart, University of Amsterdam, “Toxic Masculinity and Appropriate Fandom”

M22  Laura Helen Marks, Tulane University “‘110% Heterosexual’: Queer Heteroporn Fandom”        

O: Saturday, March 17 | 1-2:45 pm

O1    Remembering Carrie Fisher: An Interdisciplinary Exploration   
Chair: Tanya Zuk, Georgia State University

  • Ken Feil, Emerson College, “Postcards from the Valley of the Dolls: Carrie Fisher, Jacqueline Susann, Star Gossip, and Feminist Camp Authorship”
  • Linda Mizejewski, Ohio State University, “Carrie Fisher’s Memoirs from the Edge: Comedy, Autobiography, and Stardom
  • Cynthia Hoffner, Georgia State University, and Sejung Park, John Carroll University, “Responses to Carrie Fisher’s Mental Health Advocacy”
  • Tanya Zuk, Georgia State University, “Join the Resistance: Gendered Political Protest, Star Wars, and the Women’s March 2017”

O20  Rukmini Pande, O.P. Jindal Global University, “Don’t Harsh My Squee!: The Politics of Whiteness in Online Fandom”

P: Saturday, March 17 | 3-4:45 pm

P8     Jennifer Smith, University of Wisconsin–Madison, “Goldilocks Fandom: Superhero Comic Book Writers, Nostalgia, and Legitimation”

P22   Drew Morton, Texas A&M University-Texarkana, “Being Luke Skywalker: Transmedia Play and Cultural Reenactment”

Q: Saturday, March 17 | 5-6:45 pm

Q1    Megen de Bruin-Molé, Cardiff University, “Forces of Destiny: The Gender Politics of Star WarsMerchandising”
         Emma Pett, University of East Anglia, “Prince Leia and Lady Solo: Crossplay, Gender Fluidity, and Star Wars Fandom”

Q4    Representation and Social Power in Digital Cultures
Chair: Poe Johnson, Rutgers University

  • Poe Johnson, Rutgers University, “The Great Chain of Being Black: Lynching as Fandom of the Remediated Black Body”
  • Amanda Cote, University of Michigan, “Girly Games and ‘Girl Gamers’: Implicit Sexism in Video Game Culture”
  • Andre Cavalcante, University of Virginia, “Tumbling Into the ‘Queer Vortex’: Experiences of LGBTQ Social Media Users on Tumblr and The Queer Utopic”
  • Kevin Wynter, University of Washington, “Tacoma Strange Passage: Point of View Pornography and Black Spectatorship”   
Q9     Anne Rubenstein, York University, “A Sentimental Education: Gender and Generation in Mexican Movie-going, 1935-1960”

          Lena Suk, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, “Marriage and Motherhood at the Movies in 1920s Brazil”

Gry Rustad, University of Oslo and Northwestern University, “Teen Transmedia, Flow, and the Rhythms of Everyday Reception”
          Sarah Sinwell, University of Utah, “Keep Jughead Asexual: Asexuality, Queerness, and Representation on Teen Television and Twitter”

Q12 Materiality and Merchandising in Screen Consumption Cultures
Chair: Ross Garner, Cardiff University

  • Matt Hills, University of Huddersfield, “Screen-Used Materials at Auction: The Materialism of ‘High-End’ Fan Collecting and Quasi-Participatory Culture”
  • Ross Garner, Cardiff University, “Exploring Brand-filtered Tangible Nostalgia: Licensing, Materiality, and Industrially-imagined Consumers for Funko’s Tele-centric Pop! Vinyls”
  • Paul Booth, DePaul University, “When Tourism Comes to You (But You Still Have to Get It): The Rickmobile and Mobile Pop-up Tourism”
  • Rebecca Williams, University of South Wales, “Butterbeer, Dole Whip, and Duff: Materiality, Paratexts, and Consumable Culture in the Theme Park Fan Experience”

Q17  Laura Felschow, University of Texas at Austin, “‘Call me Cordelia’: Anne with an E and the Imagined Netflix Audience”
         Charlotte Howell, Boston University, “Welcome to the Fempire: The National Women’s Soccer League Branding on Lifetime and Go90”

S: Sunday, March 18 | 11:30 am-1:15 pm

S13   Genevieve Newman, Independent Scholar, “Fandom and the Resurrection of Fear in Millennial Horror”

S22   Fandom, Reception, and Critique in a Digital Age
Chair: Henry Wermer-Colan, Temple University

  • Henry Wermer-Colan, Temple University, “Calculating the Politics of Aesthetics: A Distant Reading of Iraq War Film Reviews”
  • Lesley Willard, University of Texas at Austin, “#FanArtFriday: A Case for the (Increasing) Importance of Data and Mixed Methods in Fan Studies”
  • Lida Zeitlin Wu, University of California, Berkeley, “Referential Mania Goes Live: NABOKV-L and the Emergence of an Online Critical Discourse”
  • Jennifer deWinter, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, “Not So Cool in Game Studies: The Pressures on ‘Cool Japan’ from Sex Simulations, Doujinshi, and Fan Translations”               

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